About the Office of Commissioner

In a City commission government, voters elect a small commission, typically of five to seven members, on a plurality-at-large voting basis. These commissioners constitute the legislative body of the City and as a group, are responsible for taxation, appropriations, ordinances, and other general functions in relations to their towns or cities.

About John G. Beckford

Born in California to UWI Professor George "GBeck" Beckford  and to Shirley Beckford, 2nd cousin to the Honorable Marcus Garvey, Jamaica's first National Hero, Beckford was raised between Jamaica and Trinidad arriving  in South Florida in 1985. 

John and his wife Paula, a registered nurse have made their home in Lauderhill our "All America City," for  over 14 years raising their children Che, Jon Jon, and Gigi. 

Beckford served on the 2008 Lauderhill Master Plan Task Force helping to develop recommendations to the commissioners on the future growth of our city.  That Plan was approved by and voted on unanimously by the Commission. 

John continued to bring his leadership and passion to the residents of Lauderhill becoming deeply involved  as president of the Lauderhill Chamber of Commerce and working as an advocate for local businesses. His time on the chamber certified his principles of uniting the residents and business owners of Lauderhill to grow our community in a ver positive way. 

John has also worked with two Broward County Commissioner over the years and knows his way around Broward County's political machine. The people John Beckford has met and worked with over the years, can affirm that he is always up for the challenge including a more equal and leveled education for our children, a safe community and a stronger local economy. 

John's message is simple, "As Commissioner, I will pursue all of your issues in order to preserve and improve each and every neighborhood and make real changes happen for every family and business in Lauderhill'...our city.